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Email Testimonials...

May 7, 2010
Great Language Site.
Appreciate it.
Jackie Marlow
Akron, Ohio
Just wanna say thanks for the neat site.
I am learning Korean.
Best regards,
Paul Beamer
Boston, MASS.
April 28, 2010
Hi, Your site is kool. My girlfriends and I
use it on campus. We find people from
another country and we try and converse
in their language. They are impressed with
your site. Bless you. 
Dana  Monroe
Krissy Helms
Lauren Nevers
Penn State University
April 23, 2010
I luv ur web site. KOOL.
Danielle Sanders
Dallas, TX
April 2nd, 2010
This is a wonderful and useful tool.
Visited Hawaii in December and I
actually used your program while
there. The Hawaiian people I met
loved it too. Bless you.
Anika Marche
Trenton, NJ
March 25, 2010
Before I purchased your program, I read
some of the testimonials. I was impressed
but not as impressed as when I started
A.J. Dunn
Santa Clara, CA
Feb. 17, 2010
My sister and I purchased your
program to learn Chinese. Since
you have 50+ languages in the
library, I am now learning Japanese
and Arabic. My Sister is interested
in Italian because of her boyfriend.
Thank you very much.
Susie and Sela Peters
Kansas City, Kansas
January 21, 2010
Neat program. I use it all the time.
Love it.
Kendal Frank
Athens, Georgia
December 27, 2010
Got this program as a christmas present
from my Mom. At first, I had a hard time
using it. Now I just love it. Really awesome!
Jimmy Bumpers
Raleigh, NC
November 20, 2010
Bought your program to assist me
with my Japanese class last summer.
I still use it since I'm learning Chinese
now. Imagine 6 billion people in the
world and I can communicate with
a third of them. Sweet.
Katrina Jessup
Ontario, Canada
Oct. 15, 2010
Just wanted to say THANKS.
Dave Marshall
Philly, PA
September 11, 2010
Hey there! Who ever designed this language
network is one smart character. I admire him/her.
Gemma Palmer
Oakland, CA
August 30, 2010
Thank you Mr. Perez for your Language
Program. My sons love it. They use it
every chance they get with our I-Phone.
Jessica Prince
London, England
July 22, 2010
How are you? I'm excite to tell you how
much I like your language network. I want
to learn Tagalog so I can speak to this cute
Filipina girl in class.
George Vickers
USC, California

June 1st, 2009

Hello Mr. Perez,

Your website is great. I bought me a new

PC phone and it worked well with your language

site. Thanks,

Parker Jamison

Austin, Texas USA


May 29, 2009

Thanks for your web site.

My girlfriend and I enjoy surfing

through your language sites.

Edward Bromme

Barrow, Alaska


May 28, 2009


Karl Madigan

Chicago, Illinois USA


May 25th, 2009


I love your langauge site.

Edna Perino

O Fallon, Missouri



Great, Educational and FUN.

Neat Language site.

Polina Chez

Paris, France


April 14, 2009


I purchased your language site to

learn Maori. I love it.


Orlinda Mathew

Seattle, Washington


April 09, 2009

Thanks for giving us the Taotaomona Language

Network. My friends and I are having so much

fun with it. Sometimes at night when we need to

relax, we would click on your program and play

the language game. We surely have have more

fun times.

Leona Vaio

Candace Meeks

Freda Royal

Texas Christian University


March 13, 2009

I use my I-Phone with your language site. Each time

I meet someone from another country with a different

language, I would always show-off my PC Phone and

show them your site. It makes a wonderful conversation



Luigi Sandoval

Kansas City, USA



What a neat site. I truly enjoy learning

new languages with your site. God Bless

You. Betsy Meecham


March 02, 2009

I have been using your language site for

more than 4 months. Please tell me when

more updates for the Pohnpeian language?

Best wishes,

Samuel Sans

Honolulu, Hawaii


Feb. 26, 2009

Your website is fabulous!


Jovita Pendergrass

San Francisco, California USA


February 18, 2009

You should consider using MP3s

instead of WAVs. The quality is better.

Calista Momi

Toronto, Canada


January 23, 2009

I love your website. I seem to learn

more with your site than other devices.


Martha Peretz

Albany, New York


January 22, 2009

Ur new site is unique but fabulous.

Stay focus and keep the faith.

Santi Billingham



January 16, 2009

I work for the Hilton Hotel in California.

Your language site is quite useful for

our industry. I am asking my boss to subscribe.


Raymond Salas

San Diego, California



God Bless You for the Taotaomo'na network.

This is so good for world peace. Imagine if

everyone can speak everyone's language.

So kool.

Barry Kartom



December 29, 2008

My hat goes out to you Mr. Perez.

Ur language site is fantastic.

James Carson

Red Bank, New Jersey



Thanks for the FREE subscription.

Our kids will enjoy using the site.

Florence Humbolt

University of California at Davis



Hello Regina,

Please convey my best wishes to your

boss, Mr. Perez. His program is really neat.

Jackie Jarvis

Portland, Oregon


December 8, 2008

Purchased a subscription so I could learn

to speak Samoan. I didn't realize how many

languages in your site. The cost of $39.95

is so CHEAP. Thanks.

Ruby Dicks

Mississippi, USA


November 21, 2008

We truly like your web site.

Thank you sir.

Donny Johanson

New Mexico


Nov. 16, 2008

The best adjective to describe your new site is

A W E S O M E.

Mahalo nui loa,

Trudy Gomes

Honolulu, Hawaii



Your Web Site is great. I spend

many hours just surfing through the

many languages.


Sean Hollis

Trenton, New Jersey



You deserve a medal from the United Nations.

You certainly bring more goodwill to this world

than anyone I know.


Persia Mellon

New Hamshire, USA


October 14, 2008

What a cool program. And to think that I can

use my computer and my i-phone makes it more


Thank you so much.

Rodrick Yules



September 19, 2008

great program....great and useful.


abbey duchar

Frankfurt, Germany


August 21, 2008

I bought a lifetime subscription so I

could learn some French. My kids tried

it out and now, I can't get them off the

computer. They just loved the program.

Jazzie Larrot

Rockville, Maryland


July 22, 2008

Your good deed in inventing the language site

will give you much in returns. Thanks.

Pitrius Zemboa

Luxembourg, Luxembourg


June 30, 2008

Admire your sense of value and goodwill.

Great language programs.

My husband and I love it.

Mrs. Frederika Monet

Tucson, Arizona


May 29, 2008

What does Taotaomo'na mean?


Lenny Hams

Waterfall, New South Wales


April 27, 2008

Such a wonderful site.

Who could ever imagine a language

site for the entire world.

Heidi Delmore

Boston, Massachusetts


March 12, 2008

Someone finally came up with a universal

language site. Remarkable.

Artie Zulbrie

Brighton, East Sussex


February 14, 2008

Just love ur website.

So easy to use.


Penny Janders

Antelope, California


January 6, 2008

Have to admit that your site is GOOD.

Best wishes,

Caroline Kinsey

Portland, Maine


December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas and Thanks.

I like your web site.

Patrice Cullen

Puerto Rico


November 16, 2007

What an amazing site. The price of

$39.95 for a lifetime subscription is

more than reasonable.


Marda Criss

Dallas, Texas USA


October 31, 2007

My son and daughter are so

enamored by your language programs.

Can't wait for more up-dates to the

Hawaiian language. The family plans to

vacation there this December.

Best wishes,

Karen Moffett

Montreal, Canada


October 9, 2007

Your language network subscription make

wonderful gifts for my nephews and nieces.

Please send me 7 certificates at the new

subscription price.

Thank you for everything.

Lionel Holmes

Salinas, California USA


September 1, 2007

Thank you for giving us such a neat program.

I know many, many young adults who can

appreciate these languages.

Carlos Delfin

Brooklyn, New York


August 22, 2007

Here is a thought. The Federal Courts

can use this system. We have many

defendants who speak little or no english.

Our staff and assist these people a little.

The Judges must however still hire some

interpreters but it will be a big help to us.

I gave your URL to our supervisor.

Kara Kensington

Oak Lawn, Illinois


July 23, 2007

No one will believe that I learned more

French using your program than all the books

and tapes. I took 4 years of French in school

but never got proficient. Your software is doing

just that and it's fun to use. I recommend it to


Micheala Rosterham

Pittsburg, PA


June 25, 2007

Ur Language site is Great!

Kendrick Doyle

Cleveland, Ohio


June 11, 2007

Guess What?

My language professor likes your

network. I am learning Tagalog.

Daniel Punzalan

Sacramento, California


May 23, 2007

You are so blessed.

This language network is perfect.

Janis Marguette, PhD

Paris, France


May 1st, 2007

We like your language program site.

However, there is no program for Hebrew.


Dave Flores

Tyler, Texas USA


April 29, 2007

Your new language network is SO

EASY to use. Thank you sir...

Bertha Magnoles

Beaverton, Oregon


April 16, 2007

I have a subscription to your site and

I have become addicted to it. I guess you

might say that I love it.

Leilani Yousef

Akron, Ohio


March 14, 2007

Always wanted to speak Chinese. My

boyfriend is half Chinese but he rarely

speaks it. I wanted to surprise him by

saying a few phrases. Boy was he

surprised. Neat, huh?

Thank you,

Maddie Bellos

Los Angeles, California USA


February 9, 2007

I never would have imagined learning to

speak German or French. Your site has

helped me tremendously.


Francis Addentte

Iowa, USA


January 26, 2007

Beautiful website. Learning a language

is now so easy. Thanks Mr. Perez.

Poppy Jones

Toronto, Canada


December 27, 2006

My husband and I plan to visit Japan next

year. Your software is helping us learn the

language. The nice thing about your system

is that we can take our pc-phones with us.

Neat invention.

Suzie & Bill Mackie

Denver, Colorado USA


November 23, 2006

This is a powerful tool. Using my I-Phone

to access the internet and access my language

programs is G R E A T.

Thank you and God Bless.

Roddy Diaz

Palm Beach, Florida


October 27, 2006

Having unlimited access to your site is

just wonderful. And using my PC Phone

makes it even more wonderful. The idea

of being anywhere on the planet and having

immediate access is surely practical. You're

gonna spoil me.

Mabel Hyde

London, United Kingdom


September 21, 2006

Hey there,

You keep coming up with these wonderful ideas.

May the lord bless you.

Patrick Hawes

Rhode Island


August 11, 2006


I read a little joke about you.

Please don't mind any of them.

Many people will be envious of you.

That is expected.

Thank you, Mr. Perez.

Dorian & Karla Simmons

South Carolina, USA


July 22, 2006

Beautiful site.

Jory Talamud



June 28, 2006


Muy Bien! Muy Bien!

Carlotta Cruz



May 29, 2006

thanks for ur message.

Enjoyed your site.

Bobbie Jean Palomino

New York, New York


April 23, 2006

Neat invention.

Mary Vasques

Denver, Colorado


March 25, 2006

My best wishes go out to your and your staff.

Great site! This is better than other programs.

Jules Pelican

Boulder, CO


March 2nd, 2006
Your website is remarkable.
I enjoy browsing through each
language link. Always.
Betty Lou Pearl
Philadelphia, PA
March 1, 2006
Hello and Hafa Adai.
I subscribed to your site so
I could learn and become
proficient in Chamoru. The
sound bytes are a big asset.
Now I can read the phrases
while I listen to the wavs.
Neat compliment.
George Mafnas
Salinas, California
Thank you very much for your
language site. I simply love IT.
L. Jacob Anders
Tucson, Arizona
February 25, 2006
I can't begin to say how much
I appreciate your site. I've visited
alot of language sites but they
either offer individual language
tapes or CDs for sale or they
re-direct you to someone else's
site. You have a huge library.
Regards always,
Yumi Santos
Costa Rica
24 Feb 2006
Your website is GREAT.
No wonder you have over
Ten Million Hits.
Jan Yullick
Tallahassee, Florida
Oui! Wonderful link.
Very extensive and
useful. Thank, Mr. Perez.
Raul Morgen
Riverside, California
February 19, 2006
Great Website. What an
educational experience.
Great tool for students and
teachers. Very handy for
tourists and businesses.
Hotels and restaurants
should subscribe.
Henry Marks
Spokane, Washington
Your one-time, lifetime
membership fee of $39.95
A single language tape or
CD cost more than this.
Thanks to my dear friend, Eva
for giving me your URL.
Loretta Payne
Cincinnati, Ohio
Feb. 18, 2006
Gracias! Gracias! Gracias!
I love your website.
Maria Consuelo Amador
Mexico City, Mexico
February 15, 2006
My classmates and I love
your language website. We
choose a language as an
assignment. We learn the
phrases at home and try
to out-say each other at
school. We like your Fino-mu
Game, too.
Sheila Parkinson
Edie Jasper
Flora Newton
Carmen Tigue
Annie Huston
Jackie Page
Helen Dent 
Feb. 14, 2006
I sent a membership package
to my sweetheart. I want her to
learn some words in my native
Hawaiian. Ono Brodah.
Richard Silva
Oahu, Hawaii
You stated that learning someone
else's language is the greatest
form of respect because you become
a part of that person's ancestry. How
right can you be. Just being able to
say a few words in someone else's
native tongue is a blessing and a
great welcoming tool. The people
realize that you are reaching out to
their spirituality and their traditional
root. Awesome website. Thanks.
Jenny Dell
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
February 2, 2006
Outstanding site.
Jimmy Franken
Amarillo, Texas
January 30, 2006
I appreciate your website on
languages. I can now say Hello
in 50 languages. Thanks.
Suzette Ames
Bexley, New South Wales
27th January 2006
Thank you for the complimentary
membership. Our University
Library and our students will
truly benefit. Never a day goes
by that I don't show your site off.
Thank you very much.
Patricia Young
Raleigh, North Carolina
I'm a new member and quite
impress with your site. It must
have taken alot of time and work
to compile all your languages.
Gwen Yamamoto
Kahului, Maui
January 24th, 2006
Hello and Thanks.
We love your language programs.
Aretha and Edward Robinson
New York, New York
"Da BIG Apple"
23 Jan 2006
Your site is the answer for tourists
worldwide. Now an american can
visit Japan or China, and with your
language library, he or she can
converse intelligently. Great website.
DeeAnn Palecko
Chicago, Illinois
Jan. 23, 2006
Your site is revolutionary.
Nowadays, everyone walks
around with a PDA or PC Phone.
Perfect invention at the right time.
Dan & Cindy Sauget
Meadville, PA
January 21
Neat language website.
Makes learning a language so
much easier.
Devon Maloney
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I like your site because it is so basic.
Growing up, we learn to communicate
by associating words with things and
repeating, repeating, repeating. My
media player helps me with the repeat
mode. Thank you Norbert. Your site is
a sure winner.
Lawrence Kimble
Messen, Bern, Switzerland
January 19, 2006
Delightfully unique!
Wonderfully practical!
Francis Karl Diggs
New Hampton, New York
I can honestly say how much I
appreciate your website. Learning
languages is my passion. Thank
You so much.
Risa Klumm
Parsippany, New Jersey
Jan. 16, 2006
Wow! Your website on Languages
is the GREATEST! I use it regularly
to help me with work. I'm a flight
attendant, you know.
Breeda Pickens
Fairfax, Virginia
Best Website on the Net.
Gene Michaels
Fergus, Ontario
January 14, 2006
Neat and Awesome website.
The work needed to compile
all the languages into a single
site must have been significant.
Great Job...however.
Doug Winters
Humble, Texas US of A
13 Jan 2006
Your site is HIP! I like it very
much! My friends like it too.
Someday we may try-out the
Language Game.
Take Care,
Felix Faustino
Rickville, Maryland
Hello Mr. Perez,
Thanks for your website.
I notice you have 10 million
hits to your site. No wonder!
It is a great and fun site. Best
wishes. Leah Haverston
Glendale, Arizona
January 10th, 2006
Since becoming a member of
your language network, I've visited
your site many, many times. It's
been so much help. I'm a travel
consultant and knowing basic
language phrases is an asset.
Thank alot.
Francine Reynolds
Fort Richardson, Alaska
January 9, 2006
Your language website is unique
and practical. No wonder you have
so many registered members.
John Lum
Boise, Idaho
My husband and I love your
language website. We use it
all the time. I recently bought
myself a pc phone and have
downloaded some phrases. I
play the sound bytes when I'm
at lunch or during my breaks.
I show it off every chance I get.
Mrs. Hilda Crumm
Ogden, Utah
Jan. 9, 2006
The Fino-mu Language Game
is neat and educational. The
schools and universities should
adopt it as part of their curriculum.
Diane Lagos
Milpitas, California
January 8th
Bless you for your thoughtfulness
in providing a language library site.
My bet is it's the best site around.
Kamie James
Albany, New York
What a wonderful website!!!!
Putting all those languages into
one site is amazing. Great job.
Janine Petersen
Fairfield, California
Hi Norbert,
Appreciate your email message.
Luv Ur Language site. It's fabulous!
I know my membership is temporary.
I will register as soon as it expires.
Much Mahalo,
Neal Campos
HPU - Oahu
Jan 3, 2006
I have a little question about your
site. Can I use it as a birthday present
for my Mom? She would just adore
your languages. I bet she will spend
hours-on-end learning each of the
languages you have. Thank you!
Ricky Holmes
Eugene, Oregon
January 2nd, 2006
Hey there Norbert Perez.
Thanks Bro for the email. I just
registered as a member of your
language site. Awesome, man!
Garrett Dennis
Kailua-Kona, Big Island
Happy New Year and Thanks for your
Language Site. You have my humblest
Louis Graves
Cleveland, Ohio
December 30, 2005
What a fantastic site.
Kim Bush
Las Vegas, Nevada
I joined to learn Japanese. But I
don't mind learning Chinese and
Korean, too. Bless You Mr. Perez.
Joel Hicks
London, UK
Dec. 26, 2005
What a wonderful site. I have registered
twice to use it as a present for my Dad
and baby brother. My family and I enjoy
languages and your website has alot to
offer. It would take us years to learn all
the languages in your site. Thanks.
Ruth Ann Baines
Atlanta, Georgia
23 Dec 05
Wish to express my sincerest appreciation
for giving us your language site. Since
becoming a member, I use it regularly. Your
site is quite extensive. I dare say it is the
best site on the web.
Kari March Anderson
Majuro, Marshall Islands
Thanks for your language website.
We love it very much. My daughters, my
husband and I use it all the time.
Best wishes,
Joanna Douglas & Family
Hillsboro, New Jersey
December 20, 2005
I love your language website.
Thanks for everything.
Kami Dunn
Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 19, 2005
I am quite impressed with your web site.
I believe your site is the only one on the web
with this many languages and sound wavs.
Most sites have a target language and that's
it. I tip my hat to you guys.
Colin Prince
New York City, New York
December 17, 2005
What a progressive site. You have the
most complete library I have ever seen.
Great site.
Edie Vicks
New Orleans, LA
Dec, 15, 2005
Hi Norbert Perez.
Your website on languages is remarkable.
It has to be the best website around. You
deserve a medal for your work.
Warm wishes,
Tony Blankenship
Cleveland, Ohio
December 13, 2005
Dear sir,
Your language site is impressive.
Thanks to my girlfriend for giving the
lead to visit your site. I'm telling all
our friends and co-workers. They sure
can learn from your site.
Lola Maguire
Humble, Georgia
Thanks for your language site.
Best regards,
Florence Pugh
Charlotte, NC
I honestly enjoy browsing through your language
site. Learning to say 'hello' in 50 languages is
easy, since you have the sound bytes to help.
My sincerest thank you for your site.
Serena Jacobs
Pensacola, Florida
December 7, 2005
Wow! What a web site!
I no longer have an excuse not to learn
Tagalog, my ancestral tongue. What's neat
about your site is I can take the program with
me in my PDA and review it anywhere and
everywhere. I use it every day during my
office breaks. My girlfriends enjoy it too.
Gemma Rodriguez
Fairfield, California
I like your language site. I suppose that
you will be adding more languages and
more phrases.
Dave Flutty
Austin. Texas USA
November 7th
Thanks a million for your site. Never
knew that learning a language could be
fun and easy.
Joel Peters
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
October 23, 2005
Great Site. Love the phrases. Now I
can say I love you in 50 languages.
My girlfriend is stumped but happy.
Thank you Mr. Perez.
Anthony Perkins
Sidney, Australia
Wonderful web site.....I love it.
Joy Marshall
Ft. Dix, New Jersey
Your language site is Great! I have found
no other site like yours. Perfect for tourists
and business people alike.
Daniel Kaliri
Boston, Mass
October 6, 2005
Thank Mr. Perez for giving us your language
site. I honestly enjoy it very much. It makes
a great adult game and fun, too. With the
language site, you try to make everyone in
the room try and pronounce the phrases. If
they can't, they pay a quarter into the kiddy.
Once the game is over, you take the money
from the kiddy and head out to McDonalds
and enjoy the treat.
Marsha Penwills
Redding, PA
October 1st, 2005
Nice web site. I appreciate the fact that I now have 50 plus
languages and all for the price of $39.95 for life.
Appreciate it.
Susie Moore
Flushing, NY
September 23, 2005
Great site. My husband and daughter
loved it too much. God Bless you Mr.
Perez for coming up with this
Dora Jane Ullrich
San Antonio, Texas
September 18, 2005
Great site!
Jovis Carter
Miami, Florida USA
Beautiful website. Your language site will
promote global communications and world
peace. Thank you Norbert Perez.
Olivia Jensi
Morris Plains, NJ
August 20, 2005
Dear Sir(s):
I write to thank you for your language site.
It is the best site for languages in the web.
I'm already addicted to it. I've only been a
member for a week and I have visited 3-4
times a day. Thank you!
Regina "Reggie" Keller
St. Paul, Minnesota USA
Aug 13, 2005
What a neat site!  Your language library is the
most complete I have come acrossed. I will
enjoy it forever. Thanks.
Duey Pixon
Mississippi US of A
July 28, 2005
Thanks for your language site. My Mom is French and
she thinks your site is one of the very best in the world.
Most people learning a language start off with phrases.
The context, rules and pronunciations come later in a
formal classroom.
Judy Collier
Auckland, NZ
July 17, 2005
I truly enjoyed your language web site.
Learning a language has always been
difficult for me. I took French and German
in High School but I forgot most of what
I've learned. With your site, I can now
review and practice my French and
German, again and again, whenever I
have time. Your site is a blessing!
Roland Panirs
Atlanta, Georgia
July 4th, 2005
Thank you sir for your site.
I love languages and I admire someone
like you who lives to perpetuate them.
Warm regards,
Ines Blas
July 1, 2005
Kool website. I love your site.
I showed all my classmates and they loved
it too. Thanks.
Barry Wills
Santa Monica, California
I must say your site is brilliant. I used to surf the
internet and spend hours just trying to locate a
language site with sound bytes. Your program
has everything. Thanks.  Evann Jones. Lima, Peru.
Outstanding site!  You get our vote as
the best website on the web.
Good Job, sir.
Robert & Emma Gonzales
San Diego, California
June 12, 2005
What a wonderful site. Your language library is
a perfect gift for the holidays. Bless you Mr. Perez.
Horace Ruema
Topeka, Kansas
June 11, 2005
Hello Norbert Perez
Your site is awesome. I now can learn
Japanese so my parents can be proud of me.
Frank Oda
Hilo, Hawaii
Thanks a million for your language site.
My friends and I are enjoying it every day.
Paula Weis
Jen Carpenter
Naomi Hamms
Ruddie Ocrum
Your Native Tongue Language site is my favorite.
You have most of the micronesian languages where
no one else has. Keep up the great work.
Lonnie Malkins
Los Angeles, CA
June 05, 2005
Hafa Adai Mr. Perez,
Wanted to congratulate you on your language site.
It has to be the greatest site in the web. Eventually
and you probably are the best language resource
in the world.
Jeremy Dickens
Portland, Oregon
June 4, 2005
Undoubtably...your website is amazing.
I've told all my friends about it. I'm so
excited and I use it everyday.
Thomas Wiggins
London, England UK
Just thought I'd write and thank you for
your web site. Learning a language could
not be easier. You're a genius, sir and
you deserve a medal for your site.
Barbara Joyce
Santa Monica, California
Your language site is a real bargain. For
$39.95, you get a 50 language library with
sound wavs. The worldwide community
should celebrate your achievement.
Best wishes,
Marsha Zinn
American Samoa
June 1
Hello Mr. Perez.
Your language site is really KOOL.
No one can compare with your site.
Jenny Page
Boston MA  USA
May 30, 2005
Thanks for your web site. I love your
language programs. Now I can learn to
speak or say a few phrases to my friends.
Kathy Bailey
Ontario, Canada
May 29th, 2005
Ur Language site is absolutely da best.
Mahalo Broddah.
Keoki Taylor
Kihei, Maui
What an amazing site. I'm a Linguists and
I simply appreciate having your site as a
resource. More and more people will be
registering because of the ease at learning
a language. Thank you.
Hillary Goseman
Mountain View, California
May 25, 2005
Hi!  Just wanted to thank you for your Native
Tongue Languages. I love it and use it every
chance I get. Learning a language can't be
any easier.
Deborah Payne
Bremerton, WA 
May 22, 2005
Thank you so much for your Language Programs.
What a bargain. I get 50 languages - all in one site.
James Polarski
Chicago, Illinois  USA
May 15, 2005
Thanks for your site. Learning to speak French
is easy and much FUN. Thanks again and best
Manuel Indio
I like your language site. It is simply wonderful.
I will use it all the time.
Thank you very much.
Puna Klemm
North Dakota
May 02, 2005
Nice website!  It simplifies my learning
Chinese. Here is a suggestion:  Maybe
you can include the Chinese characters
in your site. It may be too much to ask so
I understand.
Rena Franklin
Albany, New York USA
April 26, 2005
Hi there!  Thanks for your language site.
Now I can actually learn a few phrases so I
can communicate with my grandparents
back in Italy.
John Palmieri
Buffalo, New York
April 19, 2005
Luv Ur Language site. Best site on the web.
Peter Lumis
Munich, Germany
Hello Sir,
I appreciate my membership in your
language site. It's the best investment
I have ever made. $39.95 for life is
nothing compared to the 50 language
library I get. Thank you!  Thank you!
Thank you!
Teddie Baines
NWS, Australia
11 Apr 2005
My girlfriend Jean turned me on to your site.
It was the best advise I've had. I truly enjoy
surfing through your language programs.
Bless you Mr. Perez.
Karla Peterson
Sidney, Australia
April 7th, 2005
We love your languages.
Keep it up and you'll be the greatest
authority worldwide.
Kim & Jake Santos
Mexico City, Mexico
April 04, 2005
Thanks alot for your site.
My compliments to you for
establishing this library.
Roger Brown
Morris Town, New Jersey
30th March 2005
Great site!  It is the best language
site around. Thanks alot for allowing
me to become a member.
Rosanne Shuster
Philadelphia, PA USA
Your Native Tongue web site is fantastic. My boyfriend
is from the Philippines and he believes your site is the
best. He speaks Tagalog fluently and I am learning.
Heather Parks
Baltimore, Maryland
March 19, 2005
We are seniors at Kamehameha School in Hawaii.
We love your web site, especially the Hawaiian
Language. Mahalo Nui Loa.
March 1st, 2005
I have never written about a product in my life.
But after going through your language site, I
must tell you how much I love it. I can spend
hours browsing and surfing your site and just
learn a phrase here and there. Thank you sir.
Wilma Odelski
Fremont, California
February 17, 2005
I love your site.
Thanks alot for giving us your web site.
Denise Sims
Saipan, CNMI

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