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One - On - One


Norbert Perez

The Maga'Saina of the Chamori People


Shannon Dennehy


June 15, 2009



PMT (Pacific Times Magazine): Hello Mr. Perez, thank you for visiting with us today.

NORBERT PEREZ: Hello, Shannon. The last interview I gave you was 5-years ago and so many things have changed. I think we owe it to our dedicated readers to give them an up-date. Do you agree?

PMT: You're absolutely right. Our hectic schedules, however, have been out of sync but we are finally gonna get this, right?


PMT: I understand that you will be moving to Washington DC in September. Is there a reason for this change in venue?

NORBERT PEREZ: Sure. I have tasked the Honolulu and Maui functions to Lawrence and Regina. Lynn and emanuel will be moving with me to DC. If all works well, Daria and her husband may be joing us too. I already agreed to let you manage the magazine in Denver so you could be near your own family in the mainland. With the Obama Administration in the White House, I want to position ourselves to market our Electric-Solar Transport and our new National Security Programs. Telepathy and Telekinesis are the best medium available for identifying and profiling suicide bombers & terrorists.

PMT: Those are marked changes. Does that mean you won't be visiting Hawaii as often as before?

NORBERT PEREZ: Probably. I will be visiting you regularly in Denver, however. I have some friends in Las Vegas. Classmates, if you will, and we plan to hustle up the nostalgic drumbeats. I also have some close family in Georgia, Florida and Texas that I hope to visit with frequency.

PMT: And how is Graciela?

NORBERT PEREZ: Oh, she's great. In fact, she will be relocating to DC, as well. And boy is she excited and looking forward to the move.

PMT: Have you found a place in DC?

NORBERT PEREZ: As a matter of fact, we have. It is located just a mile away in Rockville, Maryland. And we already have a local phone, too.

PMT: Tell us more about this National Security Program?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, the entire project is somewhat Secret so I won't get into the fine prints. I am making arrangements to offer a brief Seminar for the Homeland Security Administration and the National Security Groups in DC. This is simply to give them a working overview of our project. They are aware of our program but have yet to witness how it works.

PMT: You sound excited.

NORBERT PEREZ: Extremely. You can't imagine how excite I am to get an opportunity to showcase our Telepathy and Telekinesis programs. When I was with AT&T, I always knew that the ultimate communications medium was mental telepathy and we are finally making headway with our Chamori programs.

PMT: Do you expect the CIA, DOD and Homeland Security to adopt and incorporate your plans?

NORBERT PEREZ: I certainly do. They'd be crazy not to.

PMT: Aren't you afraid that other nations might jump in?

NORBERT PEREZ: Not really. But if the Obama Administration and folks like Leon Panetta at CIA and Bob Gates at Defense do not subscribe, I am pretty sure outside players would be willing to. The Security groups from Israel, Germany, France, UK and Saudi Arabia will be most interested.

PMT: You mentioned that you hoped to market your Electric-Solar Transport. Didn't you start that in Oahu and Maui?

NORBERT PEREZ: Not really. I wanted to but then the price of gasoline took a nose-dive and folks lost interests. My primary target is the application of Ancient Energy Sources for the future.


PMT: What does that mean?

NORBERT PEREZ: Simply this. The ancient civilizations of the planet had countless ideas on Energy Sources. Some they applied successfully and some were just completely lost. My Chamori team and I will bring them back.

PMT: Can you offer some examples?

NORBERT PEREZ: Gladly. We all know about electric eels and the amount of electric voltage they produce. Imagine if we had hundreds of these critters in a special tank and we domesticate them in such a way that they surrender their power juice to a storage grid on a consistent basis. These storage grids could be batteries or ultra-capacitors.


PMT: That would be neat, huh? Anything else?

NORBERT PEREZ: Sure. We all know about fireflies and how they glow-up for mating. We can do something similar to harness that energy, as well.


PMT: Yeah! I like the idea.

NORBERT PEREZ: Here is another thought. We all know that Guahan is located in close proximity to the Marianas Trench, right? Well, as deep as that region is (7-miles), at that depth, the water is awfully cold, not considering the pressure. But suppose we tap on that cold water and pipe it to the surface. The difference in temperature can be utilized for some thermo-electric program.

PMT: How about the pressure?

NORBERT PEREZ: I'm glad you reminded me. The pressure at 7-miles deep is remarkable and we can harness that pressure as a source of energy. Even the strength of an ant. Just the kinetic power of an ant to lift objects many times its weight is amazing. We can harness that too.


PMT: Those are wonderful ideas. Have you any more?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes, Shannon. My Chamori team and I have been concentrating on these issues for years. I believe that with Mr. Obama in the White House and with his sincere dedication to making America great again, we hope to collaborate with just that scientific edge.

PMT: You have some awesome and remarkable ideas. I am certain that you have tons of these knowledge prompts. Please explain to us how you and your staff digest these projects?

NORBERT PEREZ: Thanks, Shannon. My Chamori team is made up of unique individuals who are pragmatic. Take an issue like Cancer. Did you know that Anonas and Kamachili might hold answers to curing this debilitating disease? There is a research organization already looking into Anonas from the rain forest. Don't be surprise if in the near future, the use of these Chamori plants will ring bells in the medical community.

PMT: I believe you. Have you and Graciela visited Guam in the last Five years?

NORBERT PEREZ: No. We have not. And we have no plans to visit the island in the future, either.

PMT: Why not? Don't you still have relatives and friends on the island?

NORBERT PEREZ: I do have relatives still living on Guam and the CNMI. And I do have many classmates who have relocated back to the islands to live out their retirement.

PMT: So what is keeping you from doing the same?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well for one thing, I am still working and will probably never retire. Grace and I are having so much fun and enjoying ourselves to even consider retirement. Besides, most of my Chamori followers are on Hawaii or scattered nationwide and worldwide.

PMT: I see what you mean.

NORBERT PEREZ: Furthermore, we provide deeper in-roads to our language, customs and traditions via the electronic media. Most importantly and the best reasons ever, our grand children are here (Hawaii) and Florida.

PMT: But, don't you miss the island and the food?

NORBERT PEREZ: Not really. I make the best chicken kelaguin and beef tinaktak. And I also conjure up the meanest kaddon pika in the world.

PMT: Does Grace enjoy Chamori food?

NORBERT PEREZ: She does. Absolutely. She enjoys the Kalamai and Kandin Niyok.

PMT: How are your grand kids?

NORBERT PEREZ: They are growing so fast. My oldest grandson is Nathaniel and he is 10. My other grandson is Jaynel and he is 7. And my granddaughter Emma is 4 years old and soon to be 5. So very smart and so beautiful. She recently graduated from Pre-K. Grace and I are so darn proud of them.


PMT: By the way, what ever happened to your federal lawsuit against the Defense Department to stop the military buildup on Guam?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, I spent nearly 3-months in Honolulu with our attorneys. My Chamori team were all in favor of filing the suit but I scuttled it. I felt that we had done enough to let our concerns be heard through the media and it would be counter productive to rehash these ancient tumors in court. The feds, the local authorities and most importantly, the local people know our claims are valid and they will insure that these issues will not be repeated ever again.

PMT: That's true. But did it have anything to do with the outrage coming from Guam and the CNMI?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes and No. I do sympathize with the folks back home. They are suffering....BIG TIME. I can say that "One reaps what one sows" and they brought these conditions onto themselves. They keep electing the same "clerks & jerks". Maybe things will change this time around. I doubt it but being hopeful makes all of us feel better. Right?

PMT: Right. Anything else?.

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes Shannon. We had a lot of support from our Native American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian friends here in the islands and abroad. I considered too that had we filed our suit and forced the Defense Department to change venue, most or all of the Marines would have been relocated to Kaneohe, anyway.

PMT: That's logical.

NORBERT PEREZ: Again, the main premise of our complaint was to outline the mistakes of the past, while protecting the civil rights and liberties of our people.

PMT: Do you believe this will be achieved?

NORBERT PEREZ: Of course. There is no time constraint for legal remedy. We can always lodge a complaint in the courts.

PMT: I still agree with Lawrence and Regina and Daria and others. The best thing for Guam and the CNMI is for you to return to the islands and run for Governor.

NORBERT PEREZ: Maybe so, Shannon. But is it the best thing for me and my wife?

PMT: Don't you want to?

NORBERT PEREZ: Truthfully.....I don't.

PMT: Why not?

NORBERT PEREZ: Again, please note that I am doing so many things that I care about; things that make me happy and I feel good about doing them. Grace has always said that, there is no real sense in doing something if you are not passionate about doing it. I am passionate about everything that I do. My contributions to Guam, the CNMI, America and the world are that much meaningful to me.

PMT: I like it.

NORBERT PEREZ: I guess this will do for our interview. I have an important engagement this evening.

PMT: I have a few more questions, please.

NORBERT PEREZ: Okay Shannon. Shoot.

PMT: Have you heard about this houle man named Davis who is trying to get a land lease from the Chamorro Land Trust? So far he has been denied because he is NOT Chamorro. Have you heard about this?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes! I received email alerts from subjects on Guam.


PMT: Well? Do you think this Mr. Davis should be given Chamorro Land Trust land?

NORBERT PEREZ: I don't believe he should but I know he will eventually. I spoke to the Compiler of Laws, the late Charles Troutman many, many times about this very issue. It is certainly discriminatory and it will be settled as such by the U.S. Supreme Court. Just like the many cases in Hawaii, Alaska, New York and others. In all of these cases, the targeted people protected by such land claims laws have lost. What makes the Guam people any different?

PMT: What do you mean?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, the Act creating the Chamorro Land Trust is wholly discriminatory. No two ways about that. It discriminates against Non-Chamorros. What surprises me the most is how come it has taken this long. How come the thousands of Non-Chamorros are not lining up at the Chamorro Land Trust office to file their claim for FREE GUAM LAND?

PMT: I don't understand. I thought that being an Activist, you would support the Act.

NORBERT PEREZ: I do and I don't. I support the right of a people to protect their lands for future generations. That inalienable right is an intrinsic part of self-determination. The people on Guam, however, have squandered away that right by becoming Americans. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. This is why my Independence movement back in the 70s and 80s scared so many people, especially the Feds and the CIA.

PMT: Explain?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, they knew that I spoke a rational but educated voice. None of these would be happening had the local people followed our call. But it wasn't done. And I am not blaming anyone for choosing so, either. I just want everyone to understand that "I TOLD YOU SO"

PMT: How so?

NORBERT PEREZ: I don't think you can understand. Back in our days with the Republic of Guahan, we planted Republic Flags all over the island claiming them to be owned by the Chamori People. "If Ferdinand Magellan can come in and plant his Spanish Flag on behalf of the Spanish Crown in 1521, does it not make sense for us to reclaim our island in the same fashion?" That created a big mess with the Feds and especially the local GovGuam puppets.

PMT: Are you proud of your activism?

NORBERT PEREZ: Of course. I laid everything on the table. A majority of the local people chose the status-quo; to remain a colonial possession of America. I conceded. That's democracy. You don't hear me screaming for Independence, do you? I don't care for it anymore. I have graduated and have moved on. Now I am flourishing in my new accepted paths.

PMT: Do you have any regrets?

NORBERT PEREZ: Certainly not. Back then, I was known as the Intellectual Voice. That "light of knowledge" has been channeled into positive goals...still very much alive and prospering.

PMT: I hear you.

NORBERT PEREZ: Now, can we finish up this interview?


PMT: Yes! Thank you Mr. Perez. And Thank you personally for everything you have done for me and my family.

NORBERT PEREZ: You are most welcomed Shannon and Si Yu'os Ma'åse'.

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